Journal entry by Erik Olin Wright

I'm sorry it has been a few days since my last blog. Partially this was a few days of feeling crummy, and then tons of visitors. Know this: If there is some dramatic turn for the worse, we will let you know on the blog, so "no news is goodish news" -- things are at least more or less stable. And is if there is some wonderful news, I'll let you know that as well.

The doctors came in for their  daily consultation yesterday with a much more positive report. No more talk of "a few weeks left." While there is no mention of a long term or "survival", they spoke of a possible discharge from the hospital next week. I have apparently responded well to the new chemo I am on -- my blood numbers are good and my enlarged liver has shrunk a little. The result: I feel good, genuinely good -- no pain at all, modest energy, at what I call at ease in my body. Some of this is the steroid, I am sure, and some the Ritalin I am taking. But from whatever the source, I will take the good physical sense of well-being.

I am having a ball writing my letter to my grandkids. The discovery that (a) I can dictate text pretty well, especially stories/memories, and (b) Becky types @90 words a minute, almost without error, has meant that much more gets written each day: I have written 27,000 words over the past five days, while between August and the end of November I wrote about 55,000. This has made possible a delightful entertainment when we have visitors. They sit around informally, I tell stories from the 1960s and 1970s, and Becky types like a maniac. The other day I recounted the story of falling in love with Marcia, surrounded by people -- friends, students, family -- who love me. I found it wonderfully moving and fanciful.
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