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Grim update

I can now give more definitive news about my medical situation. According to the latest indicators, I have three or four weeks left to live. There may be surprises of course, this happens. And I continue to make use of whatever chemo is left to fight the AML, but the fact of the matter is we have run out of options. And the doctors feel there are something like three or four weeks left.

This means I've shifted into a different mode of operation. I told the doctors that my priorities are unequivocally to maximize the amount of energy I have, to be able to write, and enjoy my family in these last days.  But I do plan to write if I have the energy to do so. I'm happy to have visitors. But I can't plan and coordinate them. So I'm telling people to just come by for a short visit, even if there's overlaps with other people.  I suppose the one nice thing about this dreadful news is that I can drop the food restrictions that are concerned with food borne illnesses.  We're thus having a sushi banquet tonight. If my taste buds don't cooperate, I'll kill them! 

Looking forward, I will continue the blog, but it will be a bit more intermittent, since I have other writing priorities that are more important.  In particular, the letter to my grandchildren. If any significant change in my condition occurs, of course I will do a blog post on that. 


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