Margaret Somers|Jan 14, 2019
"Love, period"--what a mantra for the architecture of a life...You've lived it, dear friend, and everyone ever around you has felt the aura of your love...
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Carles Muntaner|Jan 14, 2019
what a meaningful thread for a life
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Magali Larson|Jan 12, 2019
I celebrate what you say. God detracts but also, god is the eternal mind for this power benighted species of ours. I am moved by the gospels, I confess. I'll see you very soon, now. Please be well. We love you so.
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Ivan Evans|Jan 12, 2019
Love, period. Yes,. Wishing you nothing but love, Erik.
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Masoud Movahed|Jan 12, 2019
This is a wonderful and very powerful story, dear Erik! Love is indeed the ultimate meaning of existence; a means of existing and of causing to exist. Your commitment to the universal love is what also made us all fall in love with you. Sending you and Marcia all the love I have!
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Myra Ferree|Jan 12, 2019
Have you ever heard the hymn “God is love and where true love is, God himself is there”? Regrettable pronoun but this chorus runs through my mind on a loop across these discussions.
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Mansoor moaddel|Jan 12, 2019
Love indeed--a truly emancipatory feeling. I am so glad to read that you feel a bit better today. Love.
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Jennifer Wilgocki|Jan 12, 2019
And you are love.
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Ozlem Altiok|Jan 12, 2019
Thank you, Erik, for sharing this. Yours was a more difficult Christmas than mine -- than most people's. The constipation-treatment event on the hard table and then love.... You know, the reason so many people care so much about how you are doing is exactly that. We* felt* the love with which you did your work, and the love that animated your relationships with us.

When I was in Madison, I visited the Pres House, the Presbyterian Church close to campus, you know. I don't know whether you continued to rent that second floor meeting room/lounge, but in our time (Fall 2005 to be exact), you taught Soc 621 there. It was a lovely room, with natural sunlight, and you, with your curly Afro-like hair lecturing at the top of the U-shaped table. Answering all the questions with care...

Love. Always.
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Joey Sprague|Jan 12, 2019
Or maybe Love is God?
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