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Site created on October 21, 2018

On Friday October 19, 2018 around 6:15 am, While driving into work Eric was involved in a car accident. He was transported to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center. All of his family is surrounding him and asking everyone to continue keepin him praying in their thougjts and prayers. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Raeleigh Talbot

Day 206- Can you believe it? If you see Erik you would not believe how well he is doing. He still has two small areas that have not completely healed, but they are getting better every day. He is going to wait for his eye surgery until he gets his abdomen repaired. That cannot be done for about 18 months. We have to travel to Charlotte to have the hernia repaired. Erik continues to improve slowly. His therapy at Nexstep is helping strengthen his legs. His walking is getting better. He can't stand for any length of time. You will see him carrying his chair with him everywhere. He went to church with his family Easter. Great seeing him there. He is doing better but has a way to go to get back to his old self. Not able to work, yet. He does get bored hanging around home. He tries to keep as busy as he can. Still on Facebook all the time. Your prayers seem to be working. Baby steps but positive baby steps. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. 
-Pat DeLeone
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