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Site created on July 24, 2020

Eric Tentis is a veteran, father to son Vinny, and married to his sweetheart Carolyn (for 18 years). After serving his country in the Air Force for 10 years (including four deployments to Iraq and living abroad in Okinawa, Japan), Eric later worked as a military contractor, then moved into the private sector to work, eventually joining Carolyn at the same place of work.

After experiencing some dizziness and balance issues this spring and summer, Eric got an MRI, which revealed a large mass on his temporal and frontal lobe. The Tentis family is now in the process of making specialist appointments in a COVID-19 world and determining the next steps for a treatment plan.

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Newest Update

Journal entry by Carolyn Tentis

Long day of appts at Mayo with lots of delays. It was just that kind of day. But Eric endures the many MRI scans and I am just happy to wait for him. 
We just spoke with the Dr now regarding the results. There are 2 tiny spots that have appeared, the Dr says it may be an after-efffect of the radiation but he is not too worried about it. He wants Eric back in 1 month for a re-scan to check it once again. There was still a moment of silence and hesitation on the ride home...
We both agreed that NOW is the time to have the most Faith!!  We do not back down now, not after everything he has already been through and has fought so hard for!! We will keep pushing the line together, to get better and better. That is our mission now more than ever. Will update in one month with the new scan. His labs came back perfect by the way! Will spend the rest of the weekend making sure Eric is stress-free on the beach! 
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