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May 12, 2021

Today was the start of week 3!  Eric is not a complainer.  When people ask how he is doing he always says “good!”.  

The real story is that the side effects are getting worse. Taste is horrible and the sore throat has begun.  It is hard for Eric to eat anything.  He has lost 10 pounds.  Since he has 5 weeks to go, the doctor is warning him that he has to start eating more.  Eric is a trooper and trying all kinds of things to eat in the hopes he finds something doable.  So far fruit cups, protein shakes, strawberry applesauce and yogurt work best.  Today he tried a McDonald’s shake and while it wasn’t delicious, he was able to get it down pretty well. (Thank you, Dianne for the idea!)

He is also very tired.  He had been driving 3 days a week, but now I need to drive him every day.  More time for us to talk and sing in the car!  I have taken the next 5 Wednesdays as vacation days because those are chem/radiation days and very long.  Today we left at 7 am and returned at 4:30 pm.  

The cisplatin is starting to affect the kidneys.  Eric needs to keep drinking as much as he can—also not easy for him. He was told he needs to come in Saturday for an additional hydration session.  

While it is not easy on Eric, the wonderful news is that it is working!  The doctor showed me inside his mouth yesterday.  Dr. Poli said the tumor was pushing the uvula (that part that sticks down in your throat) to the other side.  He showed me that now the tumor is not touching the uvula anymore!  There is a pretty big space between the two.  

So the prayers are working and Eric is getting better.  Our biggest concerns are weight and kidneys so please keep the prayers coming.  

I just want to add that while we knew our family and friends would be there for us, we could never have imagined the kind of support you have given us.  We feel so loved and blessed.  It gives us strength every day.  One friend gave Eric a spoon at that says “A Spoonful of Strength”.  We keep it in the kitchen by the smoothie machine and it gives us strength and hope every time we see it.  We love you all!

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  • Francine Snyder : Thanks be to God that the treatments are working!! Getting thru each day is another giant step to being cured. Continuing prayers for you and Eric for strength and grace. Love you both!
  • Sharon Rago : We are so thankful & excited that the treatments are working! Nick & I and your group of LW friends are thinking about & praying for you all the time. We can't wait for you to hang out with us again soon!
  • John Milacki : Hang in there Eric you will beat this. You have a lot of people rooting for you. This soon will be a distant memory. Hey the world is opening back up and I am certain Darlene has a lot of vacation plans scheduled. Hang tough my friend John 👊🏻