Honor Emily

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“In Honor of the strong fight Emily wages everyday. Jim & Andrea Greene”

— James R. Greene

“God Bless and Keep You in HIS continuous care.”

— Jerry A. Olsen

“In honor of Emily Whitehead, the biggest fighter and strongest child we have had to privilege to get tp know through CaringBridge. God bless you!”

— The Slaters

“In honor of Emily Whitehead. Thank you for inspiring us with your Courage, Wisdom, Honesty and Strength. You are my hero!!”

— Anonymous

“Keep up the fight Em. We believe in you.”

— The Bernard Family

“In honor of Emily Whitehead”


“In honor of Emily Whitehead: We are praying for you Emily, we can always count on Our God to know our needs.”

— Ralph & Autumn Haines

“In honor of Emily Whitehead”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Emily Whitehead: Emily, her entire family and her doctors and nurses are all amazing! And certainly God is awesome! Continued prayers...”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Emily Whitehead I just saw your post on Erik Rees Facebook page and I then read your amazing and brave story. NEGU Emily!”

— The Cecchini Family