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April 20, 2020

I just wanted to share a great photo. As long as it did not involve heights, she was always up for an adventure.

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April 19, 2020

Mom is in no pain and very comfortable in her apartment. Dave is staying with her and providing her care. She is sleeping more, but when she is awake she has moments of confusion.  When she is able to express herself she continues to say how much she loves everyone. 

Her hospice staff have been very supportive and when she visited with the social worker a few days ago she was clear about her wishes. Her gift to all her family and friends is her loving heart which continues to grow bigger with the love and support she has received from all of you.  May that gift of love continue grow in all of us drawing us together as one.


April 15, 2020

Yesterday, Ellie went back to apartment at Summit Woods. She now is on hospice care and Dave is staying with her. She is resting most of the time, but she is able to look out her window and enjoys her view. 

She expressed to me that she feels so incredibly blessed to have a big wonderful family.  I shared with her that she has done an amazing job. Mom simply loves people and she has been the glue keeping in touch with all those that she loves.  She feels that all of her family are with her right now and she is holding all you love in her heart.

Mom is very emotionally overwhelmed and right now we are helping her manage the pain she is having and helping her to rest. 

Both Dave and I are available to talk and share all that's been happening.  We want to thank all the family and friends that continue to support Mom and us with such incredible love.

We will continue to post frequent updates.  God's Peace


April 13, 2020

Today Ellie is still at Waukesha Memorial Hospital.  Dave and Jim are working with the hospital, Summit Woods, and home hospice to transition Ellie back to her apartment at Summit Woods, hopefully no later than Wednesday.

Home hospice will be coming in to help with pain management and Summit Woods is able to provide support for caregiving.  Dave will be staying with Ellie in the apartment.  Because of the Covid 19 quarantine, no other visitors will be allowed.  We're hoping that once Ellie is back in the apartment she'll feel like having some Facetime calls with everyone.  This has been so hard for everyone, especially for Ellie as she misses all of us.


April 10, 2020

Welcome to this Caring Bridge site for Ellie Dollak.  Ellie is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, and dear friend to many.  We all know her as an energetic person who bakes cookies, goes to bingo every week, and loves her family.

In May, 2019 Ellie experienced back pain that turned out to be pneumonia.  Later in the year she had procedures for heart issues, but she continued to be very tired.

In January, 2020, Ellie’s doctors found that her anemia was due to a lifelong iron overload condition.  In March, a bone marrow biopsy showed a type of blood cancer that was very advanced. 

On April 8 Ellie was taken by ambulance to the hospital with complications from her conditions. She remains inpatient at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. 

Ellie has been very clear about not wanting to be in pain as she approaches the end of her life.  She is a person of strong Christian faith, and speaks confidently about going to the next place and being with all of her family members who have gone before her.

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, no visitors are allowed at the hospital right now. We’re asking that everyone hold off on phone calls as the medical team is getting pain control in place this weekend, and Ellie needs to be able to rest. Please leave messages on this site and we will share them with her.

Jim is coordinating everything so Ellie can be transferred back to her apartment at Summit Woods with home hospice next week. She talks about how much she loves her apartment and wants to be able to look about the window now that spring is here. 

As we approach Easter Sunday during this difficult time in our world, we can remember all of the fun family Easter dinners and egg hunts. Ellie wants you all to know that she loves you and would give everyone a hug if she could.