Thoughts & Well Wishes

Shirley Graham | Jan 15, 2014
What a wonderful celebration! 4 years without seizures! One miracle after another and answered prayer all the way!! Thank YOU Lord for the wisdom you gave the doctors and the peseverance that you gave to Matt and Elyssa!! Here's to many more wonderful years ahead for Elijah!!
Love and Hugs!   GGAunt Shirley
Wendy Franz | Sep 9, 2013
I am so glad to hear that things are boring.  My daughter has started middle school this year as well and I was a little nervous for this.  She is doing great and her medications are keeping her seizures at bay.  Thank you for your continued updates and prayers for a wonderful school year.
Nancy Gray | Mar 14, 2013
Hi, Elyssa!  Thank you so much for sharing. Know that I'm holding you close and continue to admire you immensely for all that you do and are able to do when difficult times arise. I'm confident that "this, too, shall pass" - but in the meantime I'm also confident that your inner strength and the strength of Elijah's team (who are AMAZING, I must say) will help to carry you through. I love you with all my heart. Hugs to Matt and Elijah - and Liam and Galen, as well!xxoo
Joanna Cichy | Mar 14, 2013
Love and prayers to you all during this difficult time!  I hope your mama's intuition is right, Elyssa.  Just by reading your story it looks like it all came on after an increase in his meds.  Did all the meltdowns occur while getting ready/on the way to school too? 
Joanna Cichy | Jun 21, 2005
Great job on Elijah's web page! We're so proud of all three of you for your courage, endurance, and will to get through this. We will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, especially this summer.


Joanna, Mike, Celine, and Gavin : )

P.S. Can't wait until the car wash!