Honor Edward

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Nanci Speagle

Gifted by Nanci Speagle

“In honor of Edward Migliore from his Aunt Rita's Georgia cousin”

Gifted by Mary Nemeth

Gifted by Cheryl Badger

“Always praying for Edward. Carol your strength is inspirational! Please give Edward and all the boys a hug for me. Best Cheryl Dunn Badger”



Gifted by Carol Marks

“Edward- I wish you a complete and speedy recovery. You are quite remarkable. See you at P/T.”
The Lyttle Family

Gifted by The Lyttle Family

“In honor of Edward Migliore who inspires us everyday!”
Bryce Granberg, The Granbergs Dana,Chase,Amber

Gifted by Bryce Granberg, The Granbergs Dana,Chase,Amber

“Edward, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your FIGHT!”
Ric & Lisa Rosencrans

Gifted by Ric & Lisa Rosencrans

“In honor of Edward Migliore....with love & prayers.”
Felicia & Tom Cooper

Gifted by Felicia & Tom Cooper

“for ongoing support oF Edward Migliore's ongoing and prayers”
Natalie Byczynski

Gifted by Natalie Byczynski

“In honor of Edward Migliore”