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Bradley G. Barr | Jan 12, 2020
write, hunt, travel and joy. best always, Redge
Redge hanes | Nov 13, 2019
On behalf of the Montana Sportsmen Alliance.
Jeff Herbert | Nov 4, 2019
Maria Valencia | Nov 3, 2019
Sorry to hear of this darn bump in the road. Not much for praying, but along with my best wishes and good thoughts I'll send a prayer for Don and Lori and all his loved ones during these difficult times.
Greg Pearson | Oct 28, 2019
Bob Campbell | Oct 27, 2019
Hang in there you guys, you have a truckload of love and support from all you friends and family
Bev smith | Oct 27, 2019
Is Stephen Maturin performing Don's surgery?
Marshall Davidson | Oct 26, 2019
We are praying for both of you. Hope surgery is soon and successful. Not donating a whole lot because I want to see you outta there quickly!
Bill McCullough | Oct 26, 2019
Don & Lori, our thoughts & prayers are with you. If there is any thing any time I can do to be of assistance please don't hesitate to ask!
Dennis Callender | Oct 26, 2019