Thoughts & Well Wishes

John Politano | Oct 30, 2019
Dr. Thomas...I have read that you will have surgery for a tumor later today. I wish you the very best and will be praying that the outcome is entirely in your favor. I hope it is not cancerous but if it is I pray for a complete healing and recovery for you. You have long been my favorite bow hunting author and I have enjoyed all of your books. I'm sure you already know a physician who comes from a family of physicians...stay as positive as you can...negativity never helped anyone. You have hunted dangerous game, been in dangerous situations and likely been in dangerous places. You survived it all. That tells me you must be tough, resourceful and resilient. All excellent qualities to have that can only serve to help you in this situation. 
I pray for all the best for you and your family doc. Keep the faith and stay positive.
John Politano