Honor Ed

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21 Tribute Donations

“In Honor of Barbie.”

— Kathleen Stephens

“Wish I could gift a cool mil, but alas...”

— Kathleen Rylander Stephens

“In honor of Ed Herrmann. Psalms 91 Mike Mazza”

— Mike Mazza

“Ed,you are in our thoughts”

“In honor of Ed Herrmann.”

— Tex and Alice Oliver-Parrott

“The storm your team is playing up this Labor Day weekend. Like our beloved first coach we are hanging in there! Keep fighting! North county storm!”

— All the players

“For God to be magnified in Ed's life and witness, in all circumstances. Jesus gives each of us our life and breath... Hoggy- you ae a fighter!”

— Jim & Karen Simpson

“In honor of Ed Herrmann.”

— Anonymous

— Michael DuClos

“Happy Birthday Ed!!”

— Mike and Randee Ferry