Journal entry by Judy Kawashiri

I feel as though I had traded my husband (without my children's consent) for a handicapped six years old who likes to play poker and chess, and is a backseat driver who likes to argue every now and then.

Physically, he has made big progress considering he had suffered two major strokes within two weeks period. I'm thankful for the doctors and the hospital staff for saving Eddie's life. And I'm aware that his situation could be a lot worse. I understand it's never a continuous progress, but the recovery process has been frustrating.

During the 30 min drive enroute to the hospital whenever we hit the red light, I'd ask Eddie the question, "What is the date today?". He struggles and can't get it right without looking at his clipboard. We practice few times and he finally gets it, only to lose it 5 minutes later. I'm told that somehow getting the date right is one of the hardest thing for stroke patients to master. 

For his morning and night routine, we prepared a list of things to do with a post-it marker just so that he can track himself. Yet he still struggles to follow. He gets confused and sometimes tries to put toothpaste on the comb, or he would put hand soap on his toothbrush. None of which he use to do few months back. 

The good news is that on Monday, we were told by the hematologist that despite of the fact that the minor clots still remain in his calf and arm, Eddie could be off of Coumadin (blood thinner medication) and that the IVC filter could be removed. Being on Coumadin was too restrictive. I couldn't give him many healthy foods since they'll affect the INR number. I could now upgrade his nutritional supplements and look into other treatments aside from physical, occupational and speech therapies.

I decided to get a QEEG test (brain map) done on Eddie's brain.  The results would be out in few weeks. 

Eddie is scheduled to have a lumbar puncture done next week to see if implanting a Shunt could help him. We also took care of his gingivitis issue. For a while, I had to endure sleeping with him with his dragon breath, snoring and frequent trips to the bathroom at night. Thank goodness those issues are gone!

My boys have been very helpful. We've been taking turns caring for Eddie, going to doctor visits and therapy sessions, and doing household chores. Eddie participates in drying the dishes, folding the laundry, sweeping the yard and doing gardening. It's been such a blessing to have Eddie's sister helping us once a week for half a day.

Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers!

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