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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting.
Those of you that know Ed, know he has spent a lifetime helping others.
He taught adults and children how to defend themself through discipline of karate.
He served his community as a police detective in Baltimore for twenty years helping victims get justice and safety from those that harmed them.
And he’s helped so many friends and neighbors with whatever they needed.

After retiring from a career in law enforcement he and his wife Cindy laid out a plan to relocate to sunny Florida. Within months of relocating he was diagnosed with what is now metastatic head and neck cancer that started as HPV- tonsil cancer.
The original diagnosis was explained as a horrendous treatment but with excellent odds at beating the disease. That was over two years ago and he is still fighting cancer.
While they briefly thought he was cancer free, it re-emerged in the lymphatic system, liver & bone.  Ed is now in a new research treatment trial at the Moffitt Center in Tampa.

Ed and I have really tried to do this financially on their own, with loving emotional support from family and friends.  But this fight has been longer, harder and more expensive than any of us ever imagined.
The bills are mounting as they must put copays, prescription drugs, travel expenses to and from so many doctors appointments they’ve lost count on credit cards.
They are into the third year of hitting max out of pocket on copays, plus drugs and other expenses. They anticipate even more expenses with more doctors appointments traveling a minimum of two hours each way to see a head and neck cancer specialist and weekly monitoring of the response to this new drug, plus increasing missed time from work for Cindy as she is his only caregiver since all their family lives in different states.  I know many friends and family have asked them how they can help.

The first is prayer.   He needs a miracle and your prayers can help.  
The second is with any financial assistance you may be able to offer.

My sister Cheryl has set up a GoFundMe Page for Ed. Donations will be used to help cover these mounting expenses, minimize the debt already incurred and reduce their significant financial worries.

Thank you for any help, be it prayer, financial or emotional.

PS: Tributes vs Donations. There’s been some confusion with GoFundMe. Please understand if you donate a “Tribute “ that $ doesn’t go to help Ed. Only to fund the GoFundMe organization. Which is why “tributes “ don’t appear on the donation page.☹️

Newest Update

Journal entry by Cindy Chaney

My SweetPea, I’m waking to day 12. I miss your voice so much. But I miss curling up with my head on your chest before we went to sleep and just touching feet through the night. Waking to tea on the back screened patio. Your singing and dancing and just being silly. Carrying my bag to my car every morning. Stopping by my work with a drink just to see me. A silly love text during the day. Your excited greeting at the door when I come home from work. You were always giddy to see me and it filled me with joy! I miss your life that filled our home simply with your presence. You took so much of me, even the air in my lungs, with you when you had to go.
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