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Site created on March 24, 2021

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We were cruising along enjoying life in Tucson when we hit two different speed bumps that have slowed us down. We will use this site to keep family and friends updated in one place.  We appreciate your support, words of hope, and prayers.  We are holding fast to Philippians 4:4-9  as an anchor at this time. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Molly Dykstra

Mom's first round of chemo was, in her words, "Awesome. It was a great experience!" Actually. This an actual quote.  It did go really well.  There was a lot of anticipation of the unknown of going to the infusion center-- What would it feel like? What should she bring? How long would it take? What would the pump she was bringing home be like? Now she knows and that feels so much better.  She didn't have any adverse reactions or complications which was a blessing.  The highlight of her time in the Infusion Room was Ryan stopping by with a big sign that he drove right up to the window (see pic below)-- all the nurses (and mom) loved it!

She came home Monday afternoon with her pump-in-a-purse (see pic 2) for 48 more hours of slow-dose chemo.  She wore it like a champ and she laid low Tuesday and yesterday, feeling good.  A dear friend from Minnesota sent a gift card to a favorite restaurant so after her pump came out yesterday afternoon, we went out for a celebratory dinner.  It was a gift to reflect on the gift of being together (see pic 3), of this first round of chemo going well, of gathering up courage to keep pressing in to the treatment journey.  

Today mom was much more tired and did a great job of resting often.  Her sister, Barb, came into town today from Phoenix.  We are gathering for dinner tomorrow to celebrate her birthday.  Barb is in the middle of her own cancer journey right now as well.  It is just like mom to throw a birthday party for someone on the heels of her first round of chemo! We are all pitching in for a sweet evening together tomorrow night.  

Round Two will happen the week of May 24th and then every other week from there.  Mom knows it will most certainly get harder as the chemo meds accumulate to do their work.  She is geared up for it and ready to fight her battle.  

Thank you to so many of you for checking in over the last few days. It is such a gift for all of us to hear from you.  Mom and Dad's community of people is AMAZING.  

P.S. Dad had his 8-week check with Dr. Johnson and his leg is healing beautifully.  He won't see him again until October.  He got the okay to start riding a stationary bike and so had his first "ride" this morning and he LOVED it! 



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