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Praise God!! I couldn't be happier and more excited for each and every member of your family! Will keep Dylan in prayers for continued health and happiness. Blessings to all
Roberta Kass | Aug 11, 2020
Prayers and blessings for Dylan. Mark and Pat Hubbard, friends of Mike and Donna Shea
Mark and Pat Hubbard | May 5, 2020
Prayer does change things!! So very happy for the great outcomes. Wishing all of you a most blessed, joyous Holiday. Will continue to keep you in my heart and prayers.!!!
Roberta Kass | Dec 17, 2019
So thrilled for all of you for a good hospital trip. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season. I will keep you in my heart and prayers. Cheer on those wrestlers!!
Roberta Kass | Dec 1, 2019
Mike n I know you have this bud !!
Amber Lilly | Nov 8, 2019
Here’s to homecoming! Stay strong!
Prayers from Alabama friends | Sep 14, 2019
Soak in that sun Dylan! Sending you prayers all through the day, as are more people than you can begin to imagine!!
Roberta Kass | Sep 10, 2019
I’m praying for him and your family.
Karla Valle-Coronel | Sep 6, 2019
Roberta Robinette-Kass | Sep 6, 2019
Jennifer Cullenward | Sep 6, 2019