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Journal entry by Lisa Barton

Time flies! I can't believe it has been 4 months since I've logged in. We have settled into our new house - still have some arranging to do and looking forward to the nice weather to do so! Can't believe we've been here almost 6 months - where does the time go?
Todd, Barbie and Karla were home for Christmas - it was nice to have everyone together, it's been such a long time. Even though we're in a new house, we found something for Todd to do - install a fan in our living room. :-) It was great to see everyone - time flew by!
Speaking of time - today marks 4 years that Duffy has been home. As he said today, "I've come a long way". He sure has! He continues to work as hard today as he ever did (although we sometimes have to coax him to do his hand and eye exercises).  I think about the first days that he was home and the challenges we had at the beginning. I think about the countless hours of OT, speech and PT. Duffy always approached it with grace, drive and with a dogged drive. He continues to go to dry needle therapy every other week. These are by far his favorite sessions (how can they not be with Kelly Donathon as his therapist!!) We have always been mostly fortunate with his caregivers (that overnight shift is a bugger for sure - finally got it filled with someone who I think will stick after covering it for the last 6 weeks - ugh!). His new (since October - so, not really new) day CNA is awesome - they have a great time, share a lot of laughs and have a well established routine. Part of his routine was going out to lunch everyday - so, with this shelter in place mandate, he has been out of his routine, and for him that is challenging. Thank God the weather is improving, so he can get outside and enjoy the fresh air. He misses walking at the mall (he walked there nearly everyday - and in true Duffy style, has made new friends). Lately, he was getting some pretty weird looks when he would be out, and would cough when he drank water (water and liquids in general are still tricky). I told him we should get a T-shirt that says - I have dysphasia, not COVID-19, I'm just aspirating. Well, he went and got a t-shirt made (gotta love it). Funny and not funny, he takes things very literally. He'll make it through this interesting time we are going through - Duffy style! We count our blessings always - and appreciate the power of prayer! Blessings to all!
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