Thoughts & Well Wishes

Linda Lanning | Nov 12, 2020
I hope that you know that we are all praying for your strength and recovery.  Janet is also included in my prayers.  As the wife of a husband how also had cancer many years ago, I understand the worry and stress Janet is going through.  God Bless you both!
Emily Rogers | Nov 11, 2020
I'm embarrassed that it has taken me this long to join CaringBridge. I pray for both of you.  I wish I could say that I've prayed for you as often as you've prayed for me, but I can't.  I still don't have the discipline you've both developed through your relationship with Christ, His body, and each other.  I'm so grateful God didn't make our faith a contest.  

I think of both of you so often.  The moment I heard I wrote an email to your inbox at church knowing that God was already about the business of healing you, and then I heard that things were even worse than I had known.  Crushing.  You are both lights on a hill, and you have treated me, everyone, with such unconditional love.  You helped heal me.  It's so true. Every church I've been a part of has loved me because of what I've brought to the table.  I've brought nothing, well, nearly nothing, of God's loving gifts to you and you've loved me better than any church or pastor I've known.  You and your team at FBCJC not only seek your mission, you live it, you breathe it, you share it, you walk it, you help others see HOW to do it.  You are so clearly God's person/people.

I can't imagine what you have suffered these last months.  I really can't.  Covid put me in the hospital, but only 5 days.  It put me back into anxiety and depression because of its neurological entanglements, but this is passing.  You and Janet have met set back and joy and set back and joy, and you approach life with the same honesty: Life can be hard, but God is so good. Framing things positively while you're going through so much painful, nauseating struggles is not surprising. It is who you both are.  

Your lives continue to bless so many even when we can't see you, shake your hand, or get a big bear hug from Janet. Amazing love. 

The Lord bless you and keep you.  The Lord make his face to shine upon and be gracious to you. The Lord lift you up and give you peace. 

I will work harder at praying daily, and multiple time daily, for you both. Dad has you covered, believe me, but it is the only way I know that I can show that love back.

Emily Rogers 
Eddie Hammett | Oct 22, 2020
Hi Doyle,  Know of my ongoing concern and prayers for your health concerns, treatment and care.  Your insightful, courageous and clear voice is so needed in our world today.  I pray God will encourage you with concern of many who love and value who you are and what you do! We learn from your role model on so many levels. Thanks. Just wanted to assure you of my ongoing prayers and concerns  Be safe and encouraged
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John Jackson | Oct 14, 2020

I was so grateful to receive the news today that your medication is showing positive effects on your condition. Surely, you are aware by now that there are host of folks like myself praying for you and your family. We all are looking forward to a time that we can join as one in praise to the Lord for His mercy and grace to you all.

During the time you've been in the hospital, like so many, I've found myself "stuck" at home during the pandemic. To pass the time, I've been revisiting the discipline of writing hymns. I wrote one recently entitled "In One Accord".  When I got to the third stanza you immediately came to mind. Blessings and get well soon, my friend.

"In One Accord"

We have come into this place in one accord
To offer praise with grateful hearts unto the Lord.
To join as one, to share the burdens of the day
To bow the knee before His throne and humbly say,

God our Father, we adore You
And with joy we sing Your praise
Lord, we bow our hearts before You.
Spirit fill our lives, we pray.

John Jackson
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Joyce Kemple | Oct 13, 2020
Praying tonight especially for good news from your scans. I know that anxious feeling as you anticipate these tests. Pray our loving God will give you rest and peace tonight. God goes before you. That always gave me comfort. Jerry and I miss you. 
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Julie VanBuskirk | Aug 19, 2020
Hi Pastor, and family. Pastor Doyle has always been nice to me, and I am sorry and heavy hearted to hear you are dealing with this. I just wanted to let you know Pastor that you mean a lot to me, and I have always appreciated your being nice to me and caring. I post this with tears because of the heartfelt appreciation I have for Pastor.  Just wanted to let Pastor Doyle know how much I appreciate him.  I will continue praying for pastor and his family. I love you in the Lord Pastor Doyle. Julie VanBuskirk in Eldon. Psalm 46:10 kjv