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Journal entry by Linda Spradling

We are in our 5th day of at home recovery. The visiting nurse has been here twice. This surgery is so unbelievably invasive and Don has more places with bruises that’s he hasn’t. His stitches where he had four drainage tubes were removed on Monday. The last foreign objects to come out of his body. 

Its hard enough to have a quadruple bypass and anyone who says they feel better now than they did prior to the surgery have to be at least 6-8 months out.  When you add to it Type I diabetes and stage 4 kidney failure it seemed at times insurmountable.

If you know me at all, you know that patience is not my best virtue, it’s not even on the list. And although I will help all I can, I refuse to enable, unless it’s my grandchildren. But how do you determine the difference?  

I’d say, all things considered, we have done a pretty good job keeping Don off of dialysis since his kidney failure was diagnosed six years ago. We went into the bypass surgery fully expecting complete kidney failure. Every medical professional advised us of the probability, likelihood, that he would need permanent dialysis. So far, that is not the case. It has been 11 days since he had it and that last round made him quite ill. It also set back his recovery. He is very apprehensive about every having it again. Although he will, I believe, if it necessary before he is well enough for the transplant to happen. 

Today has been an amazingly good day. Monday his nurse adjusted when he takes his medicines and even removed one of his diuretics. This is the first day in weeks that I have felt that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. He still needs daily care, help with his shower, getting dressed, walking any distance other than to the bathroom and he cannot be left alone. I’m not so sure I would be comfortable leaving him yet anyway.  However, he no longer has the blood pressure drops, at least not today, and that is huge. Each time he would try to get up it would drop by 30 plus points leaving him weak and dizzy. Without the extra diuretic, the drop is now minimal. He’s walking more, albeit with a walker. He even sat at the kitchen table for 30 minutes after finishing his lunch today. He’s conversing with his grandkids. Even a bit of teasing. 

We still have a long haul ahead of us but now we know that full recovery is definitely in our future. We continue to be overwhelmed by your love and friendship. We are thankful for your prayers and ask that they continue. Until next time....

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