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Site created on April 15, 2018

Many of you have met Bella, the sweetest, kindest, most loving bundle of joy to ever exist! Bella suffers from a rare genetic disease (Mitochondrial Complex III Deficiency) and it affects all parts of her little body. She has a litany of specialists, therapists, and other complimentary healthcare workers that she sees regularly. 
Our goal with Princess Bella is to make every moment count, because we never know what the future might hold. 
Thank you all for being part of the journey. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Desireé Aucoin

Team Bella!!!
Hi, everyone!

The beginning of the month was a roller coaster. Bella had a nasty cough (thanks, allergy season) and the constant hacking had led to a small regression in her energy levels. She was noticeably more fatigued than usual and had troubles walking without falling.
For about a week, we needed the wheelchair to help, and energy levels were low even after the cough relented. Following a week of melatonin every night and about 10-12hours of deep, healing sleep, I am happy to say that she is back to her happy, energetic self! 
She continues to make improvements, even as small as they are. She seems to have a whole new range of understanding since starting Lycée Français and I am so grateful for the team of professionals working with her, especially Marissa Morrow, her paraeducator and bestie! 
We are still seeing a team at Ocshner for ST, OT, and a new PT (starting next Monday). 

Now onto the BIG NEWS!

I got connected with a charity organization, TEAM IMPACT. They work with special needs children by pairing them with a local college sports team. This experience is a two-year commitment and will put Arabella in the action by closely integrating her into a sports experience that she will be able to participate in, despite her handicaps.

Just got off the phone with my contact person and it looks like bella will begin the program this August! 
What an awesome birthday gift for the happiest gurl in the world. 

Be on the lookout for our journey! We are so excited and grateful to Team Impact for choosing to include Arabella and Dayson in such a life-enriching journey!
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