Journal entry by Kelly Beaston

Today was our follow up with Dr. Picus after Dillan’s scan. He’s been keeping an eye on a few areas and while he is no longer concerned with the lung, he IS still concerned with the liver. He also wants to double check the thyroid, but isn’t expecting it to be an issue. It’s always better to make sure though. An MRI is being ordered on both the liver and the thyroid, so we will be making 2 trips to Barnes West on the 27th of this month. Scheduling wise, the best they could do was 1 scan at 2:45 and the other at 8:30pm. We have the option to stick around in case of any cancellations, but being 45 minutes away.. we’ll probably just make the 2 trips. If that’s our only issue, then we are doing good!  Results shouldn’t take long to come back, so as always.. praying for good news!

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