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March 11, 2019

Today was the prescreen for surgery. We’ve gotten quite good at driving to Barnes and navigating that insanely large place!  March 20th will be the big day which is right around the corner. They will be removing the tumor as well as the kidney that it’s attached to. Good thing God gave us 2 and that he will be able to function as normal with just 1. Some lymph nodes in the abdomen will come out as well during the same surgery. The plan is to attemp a laparoscopic surgery which would be a smaller incision, shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery. There is a good chance, however, that they will have to open him up. He will have a few weeks of recovery and then another scan is scheduled sometime in May. As for now, spirits are good and he is looking and feeling well. It’s actually pretty obvious how well he’s feeling after watching his self entertainment with the rubber gloves while we wait for the doctors. Seriously, I wish I had footage!  😆

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