Scan results

We met with Dr. Picus today regarding Dillan’s ct scan last week. The mass on his kidney is about the size of a softball now. He was hoping that it would have been smaller, but is not recommending any additional chemo therapy. His next appointment is on Feb 13th to consult with Dr. Figenshau who will be doing the surgery to remove the mass as well as the kidney (good thing we have 2 kidneys and living with one will be fine). He will also need surgery on his liver as well as removing some lymph nodes. We don’t know yet if it will all be done in one surgery or not, or when surgery will be scheduled yet,  but will know more on the 13th. So the waiting continues, but in the meantime he is back to work, feeling good and is in good spirits. All the pictures on the walls in the office today are now hung upside down so of course he is wondering how long it will take them to notice. Can’t take him anywhere! 😆

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