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Reflections and update

Sometimes you have to stop and enjoy what’s right in front of you. Today it is breakfast with my son after having his scan. Next week we schedule his next (and hopefully final) surgery to have the remaining mass on his kidney removed. Patience can be hard when you are anxiously waiting for results. But then after reflecting on the last year as cancer took over his body in a way that brought us to our knees, I thank God for finding strength we never knew we had. For counting blessings we never thought we would count. For being grateful to find joy in the simple things that we take for granted such as having hair that needs cut again. Even if it now has a little bit of wave to it and some red on the chin!😊❤️ For family, friends and even strangers that have supported us in unbelievable ways! I thank God that he sits here in front of me looking so good. As if nothing ever happened. The people in the tables next to us have no idea that in May of last year he was diagnosed with testicular cancer that spread to the liver, kidney, abdomen, lung and thyroid. That in a very short period of time, his tumor on the kidney grew from visibly unnoticeable to the size of a basketball (25 cm.) cutting off circulation to his lower half causing severe swelling and nerve damage that we were told may never return to normal (but did anyway). The people next to us don’t know that not too long ago he was skin and bone. That he spent day after day for 12 long weeks receiving chemo therapy.  Sick with mouth sores and living off malt-o-meal because that is about all he could eat. It reminds me to be a little kinder to those around me especially since it was not only the grace of God, but the kindness of others that have carried us through so far. I cannot thank you all enough for the support you have shown!  We will find out next week more details regarding his upcoming surgery and from there find out if there is any further treatment needed. 

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