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Today’s Dr. visit

Well, we are moving in the right direction at least. The tumor on his kidney went from 25cm (basketball size) to 12cm. From here, the mass is able to be removed via surgery. Originally it was too large to safety remove without the possibility of bumping into the surrounding organs. I’ve been saying that the cancer cells at the beginning were at a count of 3,992 but was just corrected today. That count was actually 392,000. On his last day of chemo they were down to 77 and as of today, the count is down to 28! Fantastic news, but not quite there yet. The count needs to be 0 before he is able to discontinue treatment. There are suspicious spots still on his lung and thyroid, but it’s normal to see suspicious spots on even a healthy person. So waiting for some follow up on that via future ct scans which will be scheduled later on. We will be scheduling two separate surgeries which are not highly urgent, but need to be scheduled sometime before January. Once the surgeries are done, there is still a possibility of more chemo. All depending on the cancer cells afterward. Again, this is progress!! But looks like a long way to go yet. God has the final say and is the one who is in control. We're just here for the ride. He is looking and feeling good. He says he feels pretty much back to normal, with the exception of some minor weaknesses and slight swelling of his leg at the end of a day. His weight is back to normal and he’s starting to grow some hair back. He is able to do light work and has been getting some part time hours at one of his jobs. It isn’t suggested to do full time labor work just yet, which was news that he didn’t quite want to hear since he is pretty anxious to return to work. Still one step at a time. We are further than we were!

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