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Sep 20-26

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As of today Diana has completed her 6th round of chemotherapy. From the results of her most recent tests, doctors are confident that the chemotherapy has been successful in eating away at the cancer.

Although we are very optimistic about what the future holds, we understand there is still a long road to recovery. She is scheduled for another round of testing in 2 months where we will know just how successful the treatment was.

At this point we are extremely humbled and lucky to have the support from friends and family that we have been receiving. Without your support we know for a fact that we would have had no chance at making it through the past 10 months and that my mom would not be here today. From the bottom of our hearts thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are working to thank each of you individually for your support. Thank you for your patience as we have a very long list of incredible people to work through.

Thank you.

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