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Leah Krenz

Gifted by Leah Krenz

“In honor of Devon. I would like to thank the Quigley family for their strength, courage, inspiration and commitment. You will never know how much you have helped other people with your messages and love.”

Gifted by Tom Giardino

“Merry Christmas to the Quigley Family an God Bless you Tom Giardino”

Gifted by Audrey & Robert Sprague

“We loved the Cartwheel. Keep it up Devon!”

Gifted by Don and Sandy McCreight

“Prayers for Devon and family. May you be blessed with strength, endurance and love for one another.”

Gifted by Marianne and John Stapleton in Chelseas memory

“Lord, we pray for your Divine Mercy, Love and Grace for Devon Quigley and his family.”
Cindy & Joe Silva

Gifted by Cindy & Joe Silva

Gifted by Todd LeMaster

Gifted by Bob and Audrey Sprague

“We wish all the Quigley family a Happy Easter. We look forward every day to your message. And we celebrate with you every step of the way.”

Gifted by Andrew Resmini

Gifted by Andrew Resmini