Honor Devon

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148 Tribute Donations

— Dick Rossetti

“In honor of the Christmas miracle of the birth of Christ and the coming miracle of Devon's recovery.”

— David and Nancy Chaffee

“In Honor of Devon. My wife, Marilyn, and I are praying for your recovery.”

— Bruce MacDonald

“In honor of Devon. I would like to thank the Quigley family for their strength, courage, inspiration and commitment. You will never know how much you have helped other people with your messages and love.”

— Leah Krenz

“Merry Christmas to the Quigley Family an God Bless you Tom Giardino”

— Tom Giardino

“We loved the Cartwheel. Keep it up Devon!”

— Audrey & Robert Sprague

“Prayers for Devon and family. May you be blessed with strength, endurance and love for one another.”

— Don and Sandy McCreight

“Lord, we pray for your Divine Mercy, Love and Grace for Devon Quigley and his family.”

— Marianne and John Stapleton in Chelseas memory

— Cindy & Joe Silva

— Todd LeMaster