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Site created on October 21, 2016

Denny Stevens & 47 years old and needs a kidney transplant. He has struggled with diabetes for the past 17 years but just a few short months ago when he was hospitalized we were told he was in stage 4 kidney disease. He struggles to do everything, can't stay awake, but continues to work. His dad was also a diabetic. He was sprayed with Agent Orange in Vietnam. We watched him go from a healthy man to someone that was blind and needed dialysis 3 days a week. He was on dialysis for 6 years. His father passed away July 28, 2016.. If Denny gets a live donor, we maybe able to skip dialysis all together.

Denny has been on dialysis since Jan 2017. We have started the process for a transplant but have to have a minimum of $5,000 for them to even consider you and that the expenses will only increase as the process goes forward. There are many expenses from lodging, medicine, and missed work. There isn't anything I would love to see more than my husband get his quality of life back! Any donation is appreciated and prayers are necessary! God will bless your gifts!

Thank you in advance!

With God All Things Are Possible “Matthew 19:26”

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Journal entry by Brandy Stevens

If you are interested in being a living donor for Denny Stevens call Phyllis @ 843-792-1594 or Sarah 843-792-4722. 
All testing and procedures are taken care of with Denny's insurance.
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