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April 26, 2021

For those asking again regarding my dads Celebration of Life!
This Saturday, May 1st, 2021
4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
5:30 small little ceremony for half hour
Elk River Golf Course
20015 Elk Lake Road
Elk River, MN 55330
Food/Heavy Hors D' oeuvres/Unlimited Pop/Water/Coffee will be served. There is a bar if you choose to have a drink.
We look forward to seeing everyone that comes to celebrate my dad and all he accomplished and did on this earth as he was here.
Any questions please text Deana 763-458-7222, Jeff 612-865-1286 or Cathy 612-840-2944.
Its suppose to be a beautiful day out!!!

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April 16, 2021

Prior to the Celebration of Life for Denny (Dad) on Saturday May 1st 2021  if you would like to send cards or flowers please see address below. 

If sending flowers or cards please send to:
12700 206th Avenue Nw 
Elk River, Mn. 55330

Flowers or Plants on Friday April 30th and Saturday May 1st can all be delivered to the site of the Celebration of Life
The Elk River Golf Course.  

😊 Thank you! 


April 11, 2021

Dennis (Denny) Larsen
Saturday, May 1st, 2021
Elk River Golf Course 
20015 Elk Lake Road
Elk River, MN  55330
Heavy Hors D'oeuvres will be served

Room Block: Country Inn Suites Elk River
Special Rate: $118 per night
Friday 30th April, Saturday May 1st check out May 2nd 
Only 10 rooms blocked (Block ends on April 23rd)
Non-smoking rooms

Also, available is 
Holiday Inn Suites & Waterpark /Otsego
9200 Quaday Avenue NE
No Block there but call to book if you wish to stay there. 


April 10, 2021

Denny (Dad) passed away Friday, April 9th @10:47 peacefully with family surrounding him.   God has taken up a new Angel/Worker.   Denny's (Dad) fight is over of not feeling well and struggling with Renal Kidney Failure, Cirrhosis of the Liver & Dementia.  He is now flying high ready to do all the amazing things he loves doing with no pain.  We have been blessed to have him for the years we have.   He has taught us many tools to continue to use in our lives moving forward.   He will be missed by family, friends and business friends.   Thank you God!  Fly High Dad!  We love you!  

A Celebration of his life will be held on Saturday, May 1st, 2021 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm @ The Elk River Golf Course located at 20015 Elk Lake Road NW, Elk River, MN  55330

A private family interment will be held at a future date.  

March 7, 2021

Adding some more photos.  Please text me or email photos if you have any of Dad (Denny). 

763 458 7222 Deana

thank you🙏🏻😊


March 7, 2021

Good evening everyone, 
This last week things have now moved to the next phase for Dad (Denny).  He has now began to be only awake for a few hours a day.  His coloring has began to change more.  His memory is getting worse in remembering what he is suppose to do.  His appetite is less.   He is enjoying the sunshine and sitting on the deck this last weekend.  His Cousin Wayne came to see him again.  And he so enjoys seeing him.  But as Wayne mentioned from a week ago till this Friday seeing him he has declined a lot.   Hospice is still coming a couple days a week and the Aid to help him with showering and helping my mom.   But this will most likely change soon and they will be coming more often to help.     We are all taking time to be with him as much as we can.  Bringing him some of his favorite things to snack on and do.  He asked to schedule a haircut his hair is to long.  The plans are to get that done this week for him..  Mom and I will try and bring him to the Salon for the last time.  Emotions are so up and down.  As we are all doing the last things with him.    Family and Friends continue to visit for their last times with him and conversations.   Death is hard but also a beautiful new beginning.  No more pain, no more anger, no more paying bills, no more working day in and out.   Dad (Denny) will be free of all that he has went through in his life.    And those that really know him this new life he will have in heaven will be amazing.    I am a big believer that God knows exactly how all this works for all of us.   We know that my Grandma Doris (his mom) will be the first here to bring him.  She was one of the most amazing women I knew.   We all will continue to make sure life here keeps going with all the hard work he has done and the businesses he has created.   We will work as a family together.   This is what he would want us to do.   I will continue as I have said to post as more things happen.   But please send him prayers to have a peaceful passing when it comes to that.   Sending everyone hugs and love!   Thank you all again for everything that everyone has been doing to help.   We are grateful and appreciate all of it.  


February 25, 2021

Good Evening, 
There has not been much change for Dad (Denny).  He is getting around pretty well yet.  Still sleeps a lot. Is still having visitors come and go seeing him.  This week he took a little venture out with his good friend Vic that he has know forever through business and enjoyed spending a little time with him for a few hours.   Was pretty tired when he got back.    Doctor had to tell him this week again he is dieing and its days and weeks. We believe this week he really did understand what is completely happening.    And that its so hard to put a day on death.  Because only the big guy upstairs knows when our dash is done!  Dad wanted to know if he could go to Las Vegas.  DR.  said that is probably not going to happen with the condition he is in.  He told him to try and do other things he enjoyed like Ice Fishing for a day as that was a bit more calming.   He still has not wanted to go and do that yet.  With his dementia he has had a pretty clear mind this week.  But you can tell when it kicks in because his anger and frustration begans to pop out.  Its not fun at all I can tell you all.  We all know nothing is going to get better for him until he is able to be free of any illnesses he has once he gets to heaven.   Its not fun seeing him not be able to do all the things he loved to do.  And now that we know all this has been progressing for many months and starting almost 4-5 years ago we now see the patterns of him stopping gradually not doing things he loved to do like Fishing, Fishing trips with his friends, Hunting trips, traveling and wanting to just stay home.  Its all making sense to us.  So keep the continued prayers for him and sending him peace on this journey.    I will write again next week or if there are any other changes.  😊 🙏   (if you want to see him please give me a call 763-458-7222 (Deana) its just nice to know when people are coming in case something does come up that he is not able to see someone.  We appreciate so much the people coming to visit and all those that have come up to stay and help for a few days!!  



February 17, 2021

Hello everyone, There is not much to update.  Dad (Denny) is doing ok.   He has had many visitors coming and going.  Which both him and mom are loving.   His brother Rick and sister in law came up last Friday for the day and Saturday all day.   Friday night they decided to take him to the Casino which everyone knows how much he loves that.   Off they went for a few hours.  Dad (Denny) enjoyed his time pressing those machine buttons.  LOL. 😁    Lots of talking and laughing.   His nurse still comes a few times a week, his AID comes two times a week and helps him and mom with things around the house that are needed.   Helping with some relief for my mom.    Dad (Denny) and Mom met with the Spiritual Counselor yesterday for about 2 hours.  Talking about death, what they believed etc.   I think actually that was a bit hard to talk about for dad.   When I got there he told the counselor he wasn't dieing had no idea what people are saying, he was completely healthy and ready to get in his truck and drive away to get out of the house.   This being said, there is the dementia as he goes in and out of that remembering stuff then not remembering stuff.   This is so hard for us and everyone around.   One day you think he understands and the next hour he has no idea what he is talking about.  He seems to be more clear lately than way back in January.   But nurse and dr say this is how things go.  So we just keep living day by day.   We can not say enough for those that have came to sit with him to relieve my mom to get out and do the things she needs to get done too.  My mom is a ROCK!! But know this is the most difficult for her being the care taker.   This is all I have for now.  Please keep sending love and prayers and I will continue to try and update as much as I can weekly. 
Love and Light Deana!