Journal entry by Andrea Kill

Well, Dad went back to Columbus yesterday for his first follow up and stitch removal. The nurse practitioner at the surgeons office saw him and was very pleased with how he was doing. His incision looked great and they took out the stitches without any issue. They took a picture of his smile to keep on record to see the difference down the road. Due to the continued facial numbness, his smile is a little lopsided and he does tend to bite his tonight/cheek/lip occasionally while eating. Again, they mentioned this taking up to 3 months for the numbness to go away, with the chance it might not fully because of the manipulation of the facial nerves during surgery.  Dad realizes this may be a new normal he has to get used to and all things considering, is content with that. They offered a DVD of the actual surgery, so we may be having a movie and popcorn night here coming up! He is still not allowed to drive until the end of the month when he sees the surgeon for his second follow up, so if you see him out and about, just give him a friendly reminder, as we know he is not one to follow the rules. Great news yesterday as the pathology report finally came back, and the tumor was categorized as a #1,  meaning NO possibility of cancer!!! 😀🙌.  As if we weren't thankful enough for that news, the good Lord also blessed my Dad with a new granddaughter born at 323 am yesterday, Posey Rose Kill 👶. Both mom and baby are doing well and are grateful this baby waited until Dad/PaPa was released from the hospital and able to enjoy her! Please continue your prayers as his recovery continues!! Thanks so much for all the prayers already!!
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