Journal entry by Dominick Miller

Denise got her last drains removed. Doc said she is doing great. She can start driving a little this week. She’s kicking azz. Tank youse all again for your support, love, food, prayers. We are very lucky people to have all youse in our lives.
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Journal entry by Dominick Miller

Good Evening, D-Nice had her follow up with the doc today. She is progressing very well.  The doc is happy with what he sees.  She is no longer taking pain medication and is already back at the gym (Just kidding.  I couldn't help it).  She had one set of tubes removed and we are hoping the other set can be removed Friday or Monday.  Once that happens she can drive again.  I'll let youse know so we can all be sure to buckle up.  Ha ha.  Thank you again to all of our friends and family.  The cards, text messages, flowers, well wishes really mean the world to us.  
Tank youse all so much for your support not just for D-Nice but for all of us.  The meal train has been better than good to us.  We are grateful to have you all in our lives.

Journal entry by Dominick Miller

Good Morning,

Denise got to her room last night, 9/25, around 10.  She was in good spirits, cracking jokes and shooting the poope with the nurses.  She was sore, but feeling good and relieved.

Really good news!  They test her Lymph Nodes and they were clear.  Thank God . . . no cancer there.

We will find out later today if she will be coming home later today or tomorrow.  Thanks for all the positive thoughts and well wishes.  We appreciate it more than you know.  We still have a way to go for recovery, but her spirit is strong and your support makes the road smoother.
Denise’s Story

Site created on September 11, 2018

After having a lumpectomy, Denise and I were excited to hear the news that we would have nothing to worry about from the pathology report.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  Denise's doctor informed us that there were some bad news from the Pathologist.  They found 3 or 4 different types of precancerous things in the lump.  The doctor was also concerned about the inability to read MRI's and ultrasounds.  The doctor shared 3 potential options.  Two of which were rather unrealistic.  One option and the one that the doctor recommended was for Denise to have a bi-lateral mastectomy.  Based on Denise's family history the doctor felt this would be the most effective and safest option.   We found great doctors and her surgery is set for September 25.