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13 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Ms. Emily Weinberg

“In honor of Dan DeMatthew”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Dan DeMatthew”
Jane Schrimpf

Gifted by Jane Schrimpf

“In honor of Dan DeMatthew”

Gifted by Mr. William R. Hecht

“Danny has brightened the lives of others--always!”
MaryLynn Fry

Gifted by MaryLynn Fry

“In honor of Dan DeMatthew”
Linda Rybski

Gifted by Linda Rybski

“My husband & I are friends of Fr. Richard Shannon.”

Gifted by Deanne Carbonneau

“Dan your positive attitutude is inspiring.”

Gifted by Ms. Sam Grajera

“In honor of Dan DeMatthew”

Gifted by Mr. Ted Miller

“Happy Birthday Dan- Keep the spirit!”

Gifted by Chuck & Joni Wood

“Happy Birthday Dan!”