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Site created on December 22, 2018

Dee Ann was admitted to Doylestown Hospital with pneumonia on Dec 12th.  On the morning of Dec 14th she suffered from a blood clot in the right side of her brain.  Fortunately, through very fast treatment and intervention, most of the blood clot was removed, which minimized a catastrophic outcome and likely prevented her death.  However, she certainly has severe residual negative effects to her mobility, swallowing, speech and facial functions.  As of today, Dec 22nd, she has made remarkable progress to regain her speech and improve her mobility. We will post updates as she further progresses on her journey of recovery.  She and her family are extremely grateful for the sincere supportive messages and prayers for her recovery.   Marv Woodall

Newest Update

Journal entry by Amy Carroll

Good evening!! Wanted to post an update on Mom! Mark and I are here visiting Mom at her assisted living facility this week and we are just so proud of the progress she is making! 

Today we watched Mom walk over 300 feet (the length of a football field!!) with her walker and light assistance from her physical therapist. Wow! 

Zoey the Shih Tzu came with me and has truly helped immensely in her occupational therapy sessions.  Mom has been able to grip Zoey’s new squeaky toy and move her whole left arm and fling her toy a few feet! This was great fun for both of them and we are simply amazed that her left arm and hand are starting to wake up after being paralyzed for almost 9 months. 

In addition, today we worked with the physical therapist doing car transfers.  It was so successful that Mark and I were allowed to drive Mom around Doylestown, got her favorite mocha frappe from McDonalds, took her home for about an hour and wheeled her in her house!! 

This afternoon Mom had a lovely visit from her dear friend Marguerite Quinn who brought fresh flowers and tomatoes! She also played Bingo and won a Bingo Buck!

This evening Mark and I wheeled Mom next door and we ate a delicious Italian meal at the restaurant next to her assisted living. 

This is has been a full day! Dad just flew in and arrived at the assisted living and we are enjoying visiting all together.  Tomorrow we all plan to watch college football all day! 

Thank you all for your continued love and prayers!!
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