Honor Deborah

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Gifted by Mary from Kalamazoo MI ??

“Deborah, Here it is, the end of March 2014. I hope you are doing well. I can't tell you how many times I've watched your operating room dance. I wish the very best for you in your recovery. Remember people across the US are rooting & praying for you??”

Gifted by anonymous

Gifted by Rev Alice Reid

“We showed your video during our Sunday Service at Centers for Spiritual Living Central MD . We danced in the isles in your honor. Thank you for inspiring us.”

Gifted by anonymous

Gifted by Clara G

“Thank you Deborah! You are some of the best medicine I've had during my own cancer treatment. When I get scared you help me be brave.”

Gifted by Chris Morrison

“I saw the video from the Bing commercial and wanted to find out more about Deborah. I'm glad I did. An amazing and inspiring woman - and I love the dancing!”

Gifted by Mark E

“i was really inspired by your openness and spirit in the face of a major challenge. As a fellow surgeon, I would like to think I would be as brave. Mark E”

Gifted by Nancy Bragin

“We raised this money at our Deborah Cohan Rocks! Fundraiser on December 21st, Deborah's birthday.”

Gifted by anonymous

“Get your dance on doc...we are all moving forward with you. Nurse from Colorado.”

Gifted by Nancy Gray-Eade

“Just saw your video on the Bing commercial. What an inspiration you are as just a person and then to those that have cancer... wow! You inspired me to be more grateful. Thank you. ~ Nancy Yuma, Arizona”