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Site created on March 16, 2018

Debbie has a toxic or fatal amount of Aspergillus mold in her system. Mainly concentrated in her lungs. It is treatable but there many complications. The antifungal medication they have started on Deb can cause renal failure. There is a new and better medication but that interacts with the seizure medication that she has been on for over 40 years. Taking her off the seizure medication has a host of risks equally as dangerous as not treating the Aspergillus. Treatment has started with the older antifungal with idea that she will be tapered off the seizure medication and transitioned to new seizure medication so the newer antifungal medication will be effective. This will be a tricky process but she as a great team of doctors coordinating her treatment. Presently she is at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis in the epilepsy unit so she can be monitored for seizures as they transition between medications.

Newest Update

Journal entry by David Morse

This was a good week. Deb had a couple of doctor appointments. One was with the infectious disease doctor. She was very pleased with how deb has progressed. Deb is still taking her antifungal both IV and orally. We are waiting on level results to see if we can switch to just orally. We'll keep you updated.
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