Linda Bowers|Mar 25, 2020
A great time for bible study, organizing and labeling photos, calling old friends, writing to congress, sharing memories. What do remember about your first day at school, visiting Santa?
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Linda Hoenigsberg|Mar 25, 2020
Love you Debby. Praying for you and yours. XXXXXOOOOO
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Eleanor Z Ruch|Mar 25, 2020
Thanks for your upbeat letter, Debby. I really don't especially care for the term "social distancing" since I think we need added social closeness. Isolation is deadly for our inside persons! God modeled us in His likeness - and He is a Triune Person...with fellowship and interaction built into His very person. We NEED interaction with others. Thank the Lord for the emailing, texting, telephoning, Skyping, ZOOMing, etc. that IS available and is an expression of social closeness. It IS physical distancing that truly is needed just now - so germs and viruses don't get shared with those nearby!

If days warm up a bit, I hope your kids can get out to get some sun on their skin (which then will make Vitamin D for their general health. I think about 20 minutes of sunshine on our skin helps our bodies to manufacture the Vitamin D needed daily (if we don't take supplements of D3.) I don't know if you are able to be in the sun. The fresh air is really healing too. The other day when it was about 70 here in Hatfield, I opened windows and doors to flow fresh, clean air through the house. Interior air is among the most polluted.

Yesterday I had my 82nd birthday...very memorable. But probably a tad less memorable than two years ago when I turned 80. That was on the very day of Russ' memorial service when about 350 people came to call or stayed to attend the memorial service. That was SUCH an honor - to have those people take time from their life schedules and come to honor Russ and his many touches in their lives. What a glorious gift that all was to me!

After supper time Daughter Dor and husband John planned a ZOOM session with some of the others who usually join us in person at our Tuesday Suppers at my house. We were at D&J's home tonight - for chicken corn chowder....VERY delicious. They say it's very easy to make in case you'd want the recipe...I could probably get it. It truly is delicious!

I wonder why your COVID-19 test is taking longer - for your specimen. Strange! Any news re. Nancy Smerek's situation?

Okay, I'd better get some sleep in while I'm able. Thanks again for writing.

Love, Nell
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