Journal entry by Debby Larimer

Since Friday, I have been I struggling with a variety of symptoms. My fever has returned tonight. My glands are enlarged front and back. I have not been sick like this in a long time. My cough sounds croupy like a seal. I’ve lost my voice and when I tried to talk I had episodes today that made me dizzy. I’m wheezing quite a bit so I’m trying to keep on top of treatments and inhalers. Early this morning I started having diarrhea and it continued into this evening. My muscles are very sore and my glands are tender. I have pain in my face and in my gums, thought to be from sinus pressure, ear pain or my glands. I do not have results from some of my testing so I am remaining in my room area. I’m drinking Powerade and I tried some rice.  On this emergency day of prayer, I want to pray for the world’s need for healing, harmony and renewed health. Pray for those in the medical field and those making crucial decisions..
I’m so grateful for those in the health care system, for all the deeply caring and healing work done, for the selflessness, compassion even in the worst of circumstances.
I join you in prayer for the circumstances this epidemic is creating.
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