Journal entry by Debby Larimer

I’m very glad I came for treatment. The wheezy, cough and chest pain, sob etc was evaluated.  They tested me and believe I have viral pneumonia as a result of my Sarcoid hopefully.  bacteria blood tests ruled Out that kind of infection.  Because they tested me and I have symptoms of corona (but none  reported cases in LHV))  putting me on Quarentine at home because patients like me have access to care at home.  Already in place ..Even if I tested positive to this Coronavirus I would still be kept in my home under quarentine if I remain stable.  Nurses or caregivers can come to me.  They are only bringing in the critical cases into the hospital .  The quarentine could be up to 14 days in my home or more. They increased my O2 and will watch if bp comes down but they are making me stable for transport home. My caregivers will uses same precautions they use here in a hospital quarentine but I will be isolated unless I have a need. If I need to be brought back in because my lungs or I become any more compromised (hopefully not) then I will be returned.  I need to wear the mask as well if in contact with my care givers.  Pray for protection over my status and over those who work in this field of caring for others.  The H staff was very caring and managed things well.
Thank you for praying.. I’m still very uncomfortable but look forward to my bed etc.  

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