Journal entry by Debby Larimer

When I came home Monday Emily had swollen glands and sore throat and then then Britt had similar symptoms. They were evaluated, swabbed and dabbed and Emily is on antibiotics for an ear infection but thought to be viral. They are turning the corner, 
Last night Geoff and I got hit with similar symptoms.  My vertigo like symptoms of dizziness and difficulty with movement and tingling sensations in my head and ear are more intense. I have a nagging cough, wheezy and raw sore throat. Geoff was up early morning with gagging and the start of it. Symptoms came so suddenly. I’m running a fever but the others did not but perhaps because I have some chest cold like symptoms. 
Jenn so far is the only one not affected. 4/5 is not so good. 
Pray it can turn around and that no one else is affected if we came in contact with.  Pray for discernment on what needs to be done for restoration and healing. It’s hard to know what symptoms may need to be addressed, but I’m hopeful it will just run it’s course here.
Thanks for your care and prayer.
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