Jean Dalstad|Jan 18, 2020
Hi Debby,
First- happy birthday!
I understand your wanting the best for your children and to be able to take away their pains and fears and heal them when they are ill. It can be hard to watch when they struggle. Trusting in Gods plan, not knowing if it’s our plan can be hard and scary. I find that when I worry, He can bring peace, when I’m scared, He can help me be strong, when I am sad, He can bring laughter and love - reminding me of his power.
I’ll be praying for you for relief from pain, to ease your anxiety and healing for you and Geoffrey and Jennifer.
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Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg|Jan 18, 2020
Happy Birthday tomorrow, Debby. I will be praying, as always, for you, for Geoff, for Jen...for your caregivers. I pray that you will begin to see forward progress again on all fronts, and that Geoff will get the help he needs with sleeping. I pray the God of all comfort will comfort you. You are a great comfort to me. Love, Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg
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Eleanor Z Ruch|Jan 18, 2020
Hi, Debby. Just a quick note. Today I watched a Lee Strobel You Tube "The Case for Miracles". Have you watched it? In case you or your kids have not, I'll try sending the link in an email.

Sometimes God DOES do miracles, as defined and chronicled in the sermon based on his book (published in 2018, I think.) But sometime He does NOT do the miraculous...which can be hard, really hard. Whatever He does must be in accordance with His character and nature....God is good, but certainly all He allows does not FEEL good to us...but it MUST be in keeping with His being good, loving, just and all those other godly characteristics. WE have limited understanding and must, in deep humility, recognize again and again that He is God and we are not!

I think of Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, "If it is possible, let this cup pass from me, nevertheless, not MY will but YOURS be done." God the Holy Spirit can strengthen you and me to truly have that at the top of OUR case management files with God: No matter what I ask for, I first and foremost want what is Your highest and best will for my life and my loved ones!

Okay, now I'll send you the email I've promised.

Love, Nell
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