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February 25, 2019

Hi! To you all. This site was created for Debbie Williams. For Debbie was living her life for others, giving herself to the children at school, being of service to churches and Celebrate recovery. Then all in one night her life changed. She felt sick and went to the hospital. The doctors found four masses cancerous tumors effecting five different organs. The major is on her pancreas, which quit working and is in need of insulin, also the tumors are on the kidneys, liver, lung and adrenal gland.  Debbie has no medical insurance to help with her battle of life threaten cancer. The cost of treatment will be around $30-$40,000 a month. We are in need of many prayers and the healing hand of God.  For God, said who ever has the faith to say on to this mountain to move, it shall move.  I believe in his promises of healing and comfort. If I can be of service there is one thing I can do and that is give some of my wealth that he so blessed me with.  Join me with ways we can help with her needs, words of comfort and encouragement and stories of Debbie you can share here on this safe site.  In hopes of starting this fund raiser for her and family we can ease some of her burdens the devil has laid upon her.  We have also set up Central Assembly of God Church 3000 Hammond Ave. in Superior as a place to drop off groceries. God Bless you all!  Created by a friend and sister in Christ.

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