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Site created on April 23, 2021

“I CAN  DO HARD THINGS” - Debbie Perkins

Debbie and Eric are a young active couple that enjoys working, playing, and worldwide traveling together along with their daughter, Hannah, age 8, and son, Will, age 6. Debbie works as a Nurse Practitioner at an Urgent Care Center. She was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She is beginning this journey with courage, strength, and optimism.  She is loved by many who will be encouraging and cheering her along each step on the way to her recovery. 


Newest Update

Journal entry by Karen Perkins

Debbie expects some days at the cancer center to be long because there is a lot scheduled on her treatment plan for that day. For example, Monday was long, but since she knew it would be she planned for it.  This week she expected Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to be shorter visits. Tuesday and Wednesday went as planned but today (Thursday) did not go as anticipated. The routine blood test showed that her hemoglobin was too low. That, in part, explained why she had been feeling more tired (tired on top of tired) and her heart raced when she exerted much energy.  The below-acceptable blood result meant she was in need of a blood transfusion. It’s a relatively slow process so her “short day” became another “long day” like it or not.


“No man is an island to himself”. No truer words have been spoken when it comes to thinking of a person battling the foe of cancer. When a person donates blood, they have no way of knowing who will receive it, who it will help, or perhaps whose life it will save. Today, once again, Debbie was the benefactor of such a gift. Thank you.


Despite the troubles that have come her way good things have also happened. This week she was in contact with a Leukemia SURVIVOR. She had a 2-hour phone visit with a kind lady from Virginia. This woman was in Debbie’s shoes 17 years ago. She was about Debbie’s age and also had two young children when she stood face to face with cancer. It was very uplifting for Debbie to meet with her and share experiences.


Thank you for the cards from the Primary children and leaders at church, text messages, phone calls, prayers, and well-wishes of every kind. No man is an island to himself, we are all connected.

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