Deb Atkinson|Apr 26, 2021
Hi Deb just wanted to let you know thinking of you. Hoping for sun. Have dandelions already. Had left knee replacement 2 weeks ago. Sends hugs prayers and positive thoughts. Deb
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Lorraine Aaland|Apr 23, 2021
Way to go, Deb. Perhaps her sub-conscious will kick in after awhile and there will be more memory. All I remember after my heart incident about it is what the family has told me. Brains are funny that way.
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vicky lohmann|Apr 22, 2021
Tell her please that I think of her often and will keep the prayers coming. It’s all about baby steps. Praise God she continues to show progress 💗😘💗
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Janet Stein|Apr 18, 2021
So happy to hear the updates of Deb's recovery. Wishing her all the best! Love you Deb!
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Sandra Bryant|Apr 18, 2021
Keep working, Deb!! Time to re-train the brain! You are doing so well! Don’t give up!! You’ve got the strength. Re-train the brain! Re-train the brain!
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LISA JOHNSON|Apr 18, 2021 (edited)
Elias and Floan Family, This is Wonderful news - the worst is behind Debbie, so keep looking forward!
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Julie Magalis|Apr 18, 2021
So good to hear, Elias! Thanks for keeping us updated. Sending prayers and love, always.
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Ruth Kimmes Revland|Apr 18, 2021
Glad to hear Deb is improving!! We are still cheering you on here Deb!! Sending lots of love your way. Keep staying strong and keep getting better!! HUGS!!! Thanks for the update. :)
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Laurie Anderson Wilson|Apr 17, 2021
We are still cheering for you Deb. I’m 76 years old so I hope you aren’t wanting me to do the splits. I have a loud voice so will do lots of loud cheers for you. Sending hugs your prayers way 🤗❤️
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Wayne Dublin|Apr 17, 2021
Thanks for the update. We are so happy she is improving!
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