Honor Dax

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185 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Kenneth Ackerman

The Taylor Family

Gifted by The Taylor Family

“In honor of the Locke family as well as Janet Plumb and family for your courage and inspiration in! Merry Christmas and may 2015 bring peace to your hearts.”

Gifted by Matthew Faubel WaCoHi Class of 1989

“Merry Christmas! And Washington Strong”
Denise Bailey

Gifted by Denise Bailey

“Thank you Julie and Dax.”

Gifted by Elva Lopez

“In honor of Dax Locke an angel whom I never met...”

Gifted by Tamara

“In honor of Dax Locke. We never met but hearing of your story in 2013 has touched me deeply. x”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Dax Locke. Your story was heartbreaking yet uplifting too. I will forever remember your family and keep you in my prayers.”

Gifted by The Clark family

“In honor of Dax Locke”

Gifted by LeeAnn Telles

“A tribute to Julie for being an amazing person. I am cherishing my daughter Emily who at 10 yrs old is a 9 yr survivor. I wish you peace and strength.”

Gifted by Angela West Eaton

“In rememberance of a precious angel, Dax Locke.”