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Site created on November 21, 2020

Hi everyone! This is Ashley, Dawn's sister. We'll do our best to share updates here about Dawn's health.  For a bit of background, Dawn was diagnosed with breast cancer in late October 2020 after noticing a lump and pursuing a mammogram for herself.  After some initial imaging and biopsies, she learned that there is one tumor in her R breast and two lymph nodes involved. The cells are HER2 positive and are positive for hormone receptors. For those of you whose don't know what that means, congrats! You haven't been forced to learn this stuff yet and that is awesome! This is all new to me too. 

The official name of the cancer is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma which accounts for 70-80% of the breast cancer diagnoses out there. Dawn's treatment team has been great at moving things along and working towards getting treatment started ASAP. Thus far, Dawn has had lots of tests and there are more to come. We know chemo starts Dec 2nd and will last 5 months. After chemo comes surgery, then radiation. Aside from feeling a lump, Dawn had no signs or symptoms of cancer which makes this diagnosis that much more difficult to wrap one's head around.  But it's fantastic that she is otherwise a sassy, healthy, avant-garde-loving lady. 

From what I have seen, both she and DW (and Graham for that matter) have been doing a phenomenal job in this jarring life pivot. Any and all support is welcome and appreciated: prayers and food especially. To that end, we've included a meal train on this website for all to participate in when possible - just click on "ways to help" and you'll see it.

Thanks for all the love!


Newest Update

Journal entry by Corine Cerny

Hello!  This is Corine Cerny, Dawn's mom, stepping in here for Ashley.  :-) 

Dawn just celebrated her Birthday (January 15th),  two days after the third chemo session! (Happy Birthday to Dawn!😜) Thank you, all, who are supporting her in your own loving style. (Food, prayers, cards, flowers, phone calls, spa items, hats, socks...and more!) I'm blown away with the outpouring of love sent her way. ❤️ Love expressed is the BEST medicine, I say!! 

Update on Dawn's progress...

We are half way through chemo treatment. YAY  Three down, three to go! (The next treatment is scheduled for February 3rd).  The impact of each treatment is pretty much the same: nausea, gut discomfort, fuzzy brain, increased hair loss, (She still looks beautiful!), pretty good appetite, which is amazing due to everything else, and an extreme loss of energy  which results in her "dozing" throughout the day.  This continues for about two weeks. The third week she starts feeling "good", (not sure how to define "good", here).  Then, she gears up for the next chemo infusion. 😤

She wants you, all, to know how much she loves and appreciates your interest in her well being! Since she also has a 7 year old, Graham, who is schooling from home on Zoom, AND two classes she is teaching at Seattle University, it can be a challenge for her to respond to you when you reach out to her.  Of course, you all understand that! 



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