David’s Story

Site created on May 26, 2021

Dear Family & Friends

June 6, 2021
This week we made a shift. For a while, we were sitting in the diagnosis. Squamous cell carcinoma of gingiva. Reconstructive surgery. Once we shared the news with you some of that heaviness lifted and the healing process has begun. You continue to envelope us with your love, good wishes, generous and loving contributions of food, music, money. We have also received some very thoughtful notes and surprises in the mail. You, our family, our friends, our Jamily, our Omniversal Jammers, our community - you are invited to continue to encircle us and be a part of David’s healing journey. We need you.

You can count on me to keep you posted.

Much Love,

Anne Gomez

P.S. Our ask for assistance in June  has mostly been met - our cash goal has been met ( and exceeded)so we have closed the donation option. There are a few more slots for meal contributions. There has been a little confusion about the difference in donating to the Meal Train and Donating to CaringBridge to support the amazing service this website offers.

May 26, 2021
I have been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of gingiva (gum cancer), and will be having reconstructive surgery on June 7. Specifically, the surgery is a left partial maxillectomy, a left fibula free flap and left thigh skin graft, and a left neck dissection to remove two suspicious lymph nodes. In layperson's terms, I will have some upper left teeth, gum and bone removed, and replaced with bone and tissue from my left thigh.  I will be in surgery for 8 hours and in the hospital for about a week at Abbot NW in Minneapolis.
We will need your love and support during this challenging time. Some of you have already reached out and offered your help. We are still figuring out what we need and where we need help and will use this CaringBridge website to  keep you updated. In the early days, I will depend on Anne to keep you posted on my progress especially during my week in the hospital.

Much Love,

Newest Update

Journal entry by Anne-David Gomez-Stenshoel

Our beloved David Stenshoel took his final breath at about 5:30 this evening, surrounded by his loved ones listening to live Swedish fiddle music. Music to the end as he wanted. Such a brave courageous journey you took, my love bringing us all along. Surrounded and accompanied by all of you, our beloved community. Thank you all for showing up the way you did. We love you all.

Anne sitting by David, surrounded by family and friends
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