David’s Story

Site created on May 17, 2020

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Throat Cancer. 
Good news is there is an 88% cure rate in men 40 to 60 non-smokers in good health. 
Fortunately, I check all those boxes. 
I will be having surgery this coming Thursday (5/21) . 
If the surgery is a success I’m done (no Chemo or Radiation)!! 
So, this year all of you get my birthday wish. 
“Whomever runs this crazy outfit we call life, let me take this one on the chin for all my family and friends”. 
Send positive vibes my way on Thursday around 12:30 EST. Love to all!!-- David

Newest Update

Journal entry by Andrea Loeb

Well....David has had 12 radiation treatments, which leaves 21 to go.  He has had one full week of Chemo (that was not fun) and will now be having Chemo only on Tuesdays.  This is a more gentle approach, to have it once weekly.  It will be at a higher dose each chemo day, with approximately the same total amount.  

I thought I knew how strong my husband of 25 years was before, but I had NO IDEA.  David is one amazing guy (we all already knew that).  The way he has been handling all of the this, including the awful symptoms that go along with this grueling treatment, has been nothing short of HEROIC.  I am so proud of him and his unwavering strength, even in this life defining situation.

The rest of this week should be relatively uneventful 🙏.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  They are definitely working.  Special thanks to all of you who have provided meals and special treats.  Most of all, thank you for the endless calls, texts and love that you are sending our way.  We are really feeling it ❤️.  

Much love....
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