Mike Hoffmann|Jun 24, 2018
Great work Dave ! Keep fighting & pushing forward. Marsha & I have you in our thoughts everyday !!
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Kristen Zeitler|Jun 23, 2018
The Zeitler family is lifting Dave up in prayer! I taught Kyle and Miriah at St. Paul. I just heard about the accident and am praying for his recovery! He is one tough guy so I know he’ll fight back! So glad to read about his positive steps toward recovery. God be with all of you!
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Vivian Weber-Pagel|Jun 21, 2018
Movement in all of those areas? That is wonderful news. We know that Dave will do everything he can to fight his way back. I hope that he feels all the love and support that is coming his way..
Has anyone talked about a Fund Raising Event to help the family? Thank you for your updates. David's Aunt V
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Dan Hebel|Jun 21, 2018
I just got chills reading this. Awesome news, Super Dave the man, the myth, the ledgion. 💪
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Debbie Bartels|Jun 21, 2018
Hooray!! Keep it up and you'll be out in no time!! Continued thoughts and prayers!!
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Julie Zellner|Jun 20, 2018
Way to go Dave! Keep pushing along Jamesee and I are still Praying for you buddy!
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Jim Williams|Jun 20, 2018 (edited)
glad to hear Dave. keep up the good work. we all praying for you!
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Lynette Van Dyke|Jun 20, 2018
Awesome!!!! Is he still in the hospital?
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Laura Gardner|Jun 20, 2018
Great job Dad!!! Great job Grandpa!!! We love you so much!!! Keep up the good work 💕💕
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