Julie Zellner|Jun 5, 2018
Jim and I are happy to hear this! A move in the right direction!
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Jim Zellner|Jun 5, 2018
Hang in there brother. You can beat this.
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Cody Gigot|Jun 5, 2018
I love hearing he is making progress everyday. Stay positive, it's going to get better. You can do this, Dave!
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Vivian Weber-Pagel|Jun 5, 2018
Can you tell me - is his fever under control? Any additional breathing on his own? Thank you for your updates.
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Lynette Van Dyke|Jun 5, 2018
I am so happy he is able to respond!! Keep it up!!!
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Laura Gardner|Jun 5, 2018
You got this Dad!!! I can't wait to come see you💕💕
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Dena Vandervest|Jun 5, 2018
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